2011 Sponsors

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Mission Tix

Baltimore’s Premier Ticketing Service, MissionMedia serves more than 30 venues in the area.  Mission Media offers internet-related services including Branding & Identity, Graphic, Environmental & Print Design, Advertising, Retail Graphics & Packaging Design, Web & Interactive Design, Web Programming & User Experience Design, Online Marketing, Film/Video Production, Motion Graphics, Photography, and Audio Production.



D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in America, established in 1829. It is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country, and is the second largest American-owned brewery after the Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adams beer.

Yuengling produces 3.6 million barrels annually, which as of 2005, placed it sixth among American commercial breweries. Besides its two Pennsylvania facilities, Yuengling also operates a brewery in Tampa, Florida. Yuengling is pronounced ying-ling, and is an Anglicized version of Jüngling, the German term for "young man".


Morphius Records

CD/DVD Manufacturer, Distributor, & Record Label
Owned & operated by and for musicians, Morphius is Baltimore’s preferred choice for media replication, short-run duplication, and associated printing for solo artists, bands, record labels, software developers & marketing departments. Thousands of satisfied clients have trusted them to reliably reproduce important projects because of their superb quality standards and excellent pricing. Morphius distributes thousands of different products for hundreds of labels and independent artists internationally & still occasionally releases albums for its own extremely diverse roster of artists.


Lord Baltimore Recording

Lord Baltimore Recording Studio, is a full service recording, mixing and mastering facility in Baltimore offering digital and analog recording and an array of high end gear to satisfy even the most serious studio technophile, with affordable pricing for the independent musician to work both creatively and efficiently.


Big Crunch Amp Repair

After years of doing repair work at home, Brooks Harlan opened Big Crunch Amplifier and Guitar repair shop in February of 2008. The shop is located in Baltimore city within the hallowed walls of Magpie Cage recording studio. Big Crunch specializes in tube amps and guitar work, but would be happy to talk to you about any gear problem you might have!


Chris Schafer

Christopher Schafer wants you to look your best for every one of life's great occasions. He is a custom clothier offering high quality garments at a great value. He learned his craft in London and has continued to perfect his skills since returning to his hometown of Baltimore. Christopher takes pride in his work and feels that every garment that he creates is a direct representation of himself. He makes sure that all the details are correct and that you get the best fit possible. He will take the time with you to design the best clothing that you have ever owned. This old world work ethic is not going unnoticed. He was voted Baltimore's Best Tailor two years in a row by City Paper in 2009 and Baltimore Magazine in 2010. Christopher learned the art of measuring & design to create custom clothing while living in London, a city that has had a profound effect on his life. He was taught by some of the best clothiers in the world and immersed himself in the English culture. Christopher frequently visited Savile Row and Jermyn Street to gain ideas and inspiration. The end result is a new look which blends European style and fit with comfort to create clean, understated lines. This formula produces fashionable, fitted, and comfortable clothing that you will love to wear. Contact Christopher today for a wardrobe consultation.

Backline for the BiMA.fest 2011 VIP party is being provided by Christopher Schafer Clothier


Gender Edge

Gender EDGE is TRANSGENDER / GENDER VARIANT ACTIVISM THROUGH ART. This punk arts movement is militantly focused upon dropping damaging labels and opening minds. Steadfastly DIY and homespun; Gender EDGE displays to general society the strength, empowerment, and creativity brought forth by the ever-evolving gender non-conformist / gender queer / trans generations. These ideals build pathways for social change by utilizing the following; a collective of creatively contributing members, quarterly zine production, and via diverse shows/exhibits/performances.


Sleepy Records

Sleepy Records is an independent record label based in Baltimore. Artists retain 100% ownership of their music, as well as the ability to make decisions on all aspects of the release. We are largely non-profit and only interested in making enough money to cover the cost of the album itself. We release all kinds of music, but have a soft spot for shoegazey, pretty, lullaby-like music.


Sockets Records

Sockets Records is an independent record label based in Washington, DC. Sockets primarily focuses on DC artists, releasing experimental pop music. The label began in 2004 and currently releases music on vinyl, CD, tape, and digital formats. Based in Washington, DC, Sockets has released over 70 recordings of experimental, incidental, minimal and arranged sounds. Since 2004, Sockets has supported artists and musicians interested in the intersection of a challenging audio language with community accessibility. Until 2008, Sockets was a CDR label releasing ad-hoc, limited runs of local Washington, DC experimental music. For the last two years, the label has focused on building a larger community of artists and performers who release some of the more challenging, but accessible, music within a pop-music framework.


Sleepy Records

Sleepy Records is an independent record label based in Baltimore run by Ann Tabor and Jon Freedlander.

Sleepy has released CDs for artists including Solar Temple Suicides, Cake on Cake, Acacia Sears, and Liverpool, England's Little Name, and also released a special ltd edition of Thrushes' Sun Come Undone on vinyl.


Energy Theory Mgmt.

Our mission is to provide guidance and support to the free spirited thinker and creator here and abroad. It’s our goal to serve as “Connectors” and “Mavens” for our clients as they use their talents to create products that educate, motivate and excite the lives of their fan or customer.

We diligently work to plan, coordinate and organize the efforts of each individual. Our consulting team collectively has over 15 years of experience in areas of Business Planning, Marketing, Publishing, Music and various areas of entertainment.

We’ve made it our duty to keep a watchful eye in various market shifts of our clients industry. We comb the market for new and innovative ideas in technologies, styles, consumer opinions, service providers of the industry. We keep close relationships with booking agents, producers, engineers, publishing companies and the like.


Firetalk Records

Firetalk is an Independent record label based in Denver, Colorado. With artist including Woodsman, Tjutjuna, Tennis, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Dead Gaze, Dash Jacket, Blackbird Blackbird Paw Paw and more. Check out their website for more info.







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