2011 Confirmed Artists

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A Cat Called Cricket {more Info}

Alarms and Controls {more Info}

Alto Verde
Rock- Baltimore, MD

Applesauce {more Info}

Balkan Falcon {more Info}

Balor's Eye {more Info}

Baltimore String Felons {more Info}

Barnett/Berger/Carlson {more Info}

BeeP HonK (Ballou/Pirog/Hopkins/Kuhl) {more Info}

The Bellevederes {more Info}

Brice Randall Bickford
Rock / Pop- Durham, NC

Birdlips {more Info}

Birds and Arrows {more Info}

Birds of Avalon
Psychedelic / Rock- Raleigh, NC

Blackout Brigade {more Info}

Bobby E. Lee & the Sympathizers {more Info}

Pop / Rock / Soul- Baltimore, MD

Bright Young Things
Pop- Raleigh, NC

Post-Rock- Washington, DC

Butterflies {more Info}

The Cheapshots {more Info}

Cinema Cinema {more Info}

Compression {more Info}

Daycare Swindlers {more Info}

The Dead and Gone {more Info}

Deaf Scene {more Info}

Deleted Scenes
Americana / Dub / Lyrical- Washington, DC

The Demon Beat {more Info}

Deuce Deuce {more Info}

Disarmer {more Info}

Double Negative {more Info}

E.D. Sedgwick
Punk / Funk- Washington, DC

E Joseph & the Phantom Heart {more Info}

Rock / Pop- Champaign, IL

EX. By V. {more Info}

F (The Funky Beat & Bass Group known as...) {more Info}

Fishnet Stalkers {more Info}

Flower Orgy
Folk / Experimental- Brooklyn, NY

The Flying Eyes {more Info}

Forks of Ivy {more Info}

Free Electric State {more Info}

Gary B & the Notions {more Info}

Gray Young
Rock / Post-Rock- Raleigh, NC

Gumshoe {more Info}

HELLPIE {more Info}

Hollaback Bmore! {more Info}

Imperial China
Alternative / Electronic- Washington, DC

Judge Mental {more Info}

June Star
Americana / Roots Rock - Baltimore, MD

Key Figures {more Info}

Killing The Messenger {more Info}

Landspeedrecord! {more Info}

Thee Lexington Arrows {more Info}

The Library is On Fire
Alternative / Punk - Brooklyn, NY

Blues / Folk Rock / Indie- Washington DC

Lonnie Walker
Alternative / Punk / Americana- Raleigh, NC

Lushfarm {more Info}

Mammox {more Info}

The Mandroids {more Info}

The Matrimonials {more Info}

Skate Punk- Philadelphia, PA

Me and This Army {more Info}

Middle Child Syndrome {more Info}

Misery Index
Thrash / Metal / Grindcore - Baltimore, MD/DC

Mittenfields {more Info}

The Moaners {more Info}

The Moderate {more Info}

Muamin Collective
Hip-Hop / Electronic - Cleveland, OH

National Razor, F.D.I.C. {more Info}

Nervous Impulse {more Info}

Neutron Bomb {more Info}

Night Manager
Pop / Garage - Brooklyn, NY

Octopus {more Info}

Office of Future Plans
Progressive / Post Rock- Baltimore, MD

Parachute Musical
Rock / Pop- Nashville, TN

The Pauses
Indie Rock / Pop / Electronica- Orlando, FL

Phantasm {more Info}

Pharmacists {more Info}

Pregnant Spore {more Info}

Sean K. Preston {more Info}

The Queers
Punk Rock / Pop Punk - Portsmouth, NH / Atlanta, GA

Questioner {more Info}

Red Sammy {more Info}

Red This Ever {more Info}

Reticents {more Info}

Retrogramme {more Info}

Sal Bando {more Info}

The Shondes {more Info}

Silence Kid {more Info}

Singleton {more Info}

Pop / Experimental - Brooklyn, NY

Skydivers {more Info}

The Sky Drops
Gaze-Grunge Duo - Wilmington, DE

Slow Jets {more Info}

Snallygasters {more Info}

Solar Temple Suicides {more Info}

(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope {more Info}

Post-Art-Punk - Baltimore, MD

Squaaks {more Info}

Stargazer Lilies
Dream Pop / Shoegaze- New York, NY

Stars and The Sea {more Info}

(Stop Worrying and) Love the Bomb {more Info}

Supreme Commander {more Info}

Thrushes {more Info}

Two Man Advantage
Drunken Hockey Punk- Long Island/Brooklyn, NY

Victoria Vox {more Info}

Walk The Plank {more Info}

War on Women
Co-Ed, Feminist / Hardcore Punk- Baltimore, MD

Experimental- Denver, CO

28 Degrees Taurus {more Info}

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